About breed

British shorthair cats are very calm, tender, wise and clean cats with a very good health. They love human society, but if you are out for the whole day, they will find what to do and, believe, they will be impatiently waiting for you. These cats perfectly suits and to housewives (cats will always help you with your house deals or just not spoil you sleeping some whereas in the house), and businessman (you are guaranteed to have lots of sweet caress in the evening).

Pronunciation of British shorthair brings to your mind something aristocratically soft and self-control. This breed seems to match best to people living on the UK islands.

Accuracy, importunity, astonishing calmness and sudden fast reaction are the main characteristics that say everything about these cats. British cats are very easy to contact, but in spite of the independence character they will not agree with familiarity.

British shorthair cats are active and playful, but their games don’t bring destruction to your home. They adapt very fast to a home of any size, so your neighbors will not complain about the noise they hear above or near.

British shorthair cats perfectly deal with kids, accepting their types of games and never use their claws, even if the kid becomes too much familiar during the game. In that case, cat will just go away from the kid without bringing any harm to it.

There are many reasons to call a British shorthair an ideal cat: kind look, soft and tender character, wide color range, easy to communicate and deal with and, of course, a calm temperament brought this cat very fast to a top of the popularity all over the world, including our country.