About us

I am very glad to welcome you on our website. My cattery is mono-breed,   as all of my cats belong to British shorthair breed.
Lja Mur cattery is registered in Riga cat lovers club «Selena», which is a member of the Latvian Feline Association «CFCA» and represents Latvia in FIFE.

Our cattery specializes in breeding pure British shorthair kittens of classic colors: blue and lilac. We use famous and highly respected European cattery lines in breeding. Genealogy of our breeders is 100% pure British shorthair cats.
Our cats are the members of our family. They live with us and are provided with a best nutrition, regular veterinary care and all they can dream of to play games and feel happy.

The main goal of our cattery is health and high-grade posterity.
Cats of this breed from other breeds differ in impressive look, calm temperament, independent temper and self-esteem. It is very easy to live with such great and positive cats.

British shorthair kittens – are playful thick-paws cuties with dense padded plush fur and cute thick cheeks. It is very hard to resist of owning one.

Kittens leave our cattery to their new home at the age of 12 weeks (not earlier), with all required vaccinations, veterinary passport, genealogy, sale contract and recommendations about looking after the British shorthair kitten.   

I hope my kittens will not leave you indifferent and after admiring the pictures of our kittens You will be ready to become a member of British shorthair cat lovers.

There is superstition in the northern countries, that British shorthair cat brings happiness and welfare to your home.

Best Regards, Owner and creator of Lja Mur*EE cattery
Lilija Muranova.